The Venus Factor Review

2 Oct

The Venus Factor is a weight loss program that combines a perfect diet with an intensive exercise guide that is guaranteed to help you to lose weight quickly and efficiently. Specifically designed to increase women’s metabolism to ensure a trim waistline without forcing you to follow a starvation diet or spend hours at the gym, this program will help you to easily burn fat from your body while boosting your muscle ones.

Designed by weight loss celebrity and best-selling writer and nutrition expert John Barban, this program was designed to re-balance women’s hormones that are responsible for weight gain and an increase in appetite. John has an educational background in Human Biology and Nutrition and has worked extensively with supplements, spending years researching the reasons why women have a harder time losing weight then men do.

During this process, he found that the level of Leptin in a women’s system plays a larger role in weight loss then was formally realized. He structured his twelve-week weight loss plan with this in mind, creating a program that was usable by all women regardless of their age or fitness level.

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How does it Work?

The Venus Factor diet revolves around Leptin levels, or our body’s sensitivity to this hormone. As women get older and especially after they have borne children, their bodies naturally become far more resistant to Leptin. This causes our bodies to stop burning excess fat and to begin storing it instead, causing weight gain and an increase in appetite. Because of Leptin levels, women need a different approach to weight loss, something that is exacerbated by these issues as well:

  • Higher hormone levels: Leptin is a vital fat burning hormone in our bodies and women carry a higher level of it, something that works in our favor throughout adolescence, however;
  • Stronger Resistance: Women also begin to resist the weight loss effect that Leptin offers as they grow older and/or bear children, causing them to carry excess weight in their stomachs and thighs.

In addition, women will see their Leptin levels fall drastically if they try to fast, something that creates frustration for women who are trying juice fasts or similar diets. These discoveries led Barban to trademark the Metabolic Override system, which helps to boost Leptin levels and help women to quickly lose weight. This system retrains the metabolism so that it begins to burn fat quicker by eating different numbers of calories of varying days.

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What is included in the program?

  • The Twelve-Week Workout Program: When we said that this program is designed to be sustainable, we meant it. Any weight loss program should include a workout guide, as it is one of the best ways to ensure that you lose the weight and keep it off. This guide will help you to develop a perfect hourglass shape and includes programs that you can either do at home, or at the gym without the need to hire personal trainers.
  • The Essential Fat-Loss Guide: This eBook will cover the essentials about foods that will naturally help to rise or lower your Leptin level as well as what foods you should eat to ensure a healthy figure. This program is not designed to just help you lose the weight for short term, but is intended to be used as a long term strategy to ensure overall health for you entire lifetime. By not focusing on calorie restriction and instead focusing on a diet overhaul, this program is sustainable for the long term.
  • Virtual Nutritionist Software App: This application will help you to become your own nutritionist so that you can ensure that you are always eating the right foods. It automatically counts calories and important nutrients in your diet and tells you when you are over-or-under eating.
  • The Venus Index Podcast: This motivational tool will help you to stay on track by keeping you updated on other women who are struggling with their weight. Having the ability to tune into inspirational stories of success will help to keep you focused on your overall goals.
  • The Venus Community: This aspect of the program is also designed to help keep you on track, as research has shown that women who lose weight together tend to keep the weight off. This is a way to share stories and tips as well as offer recipes and break-through during your weight loss journey.

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What results can I expect?

The results from this program truly depend on you and whether you are willing to make a lifestyle change. This is not a scheme that will help you to quickly drop ten pounds just for you to have to gain them again three months later, it is a complete revamping of your lifestyle and your habits. Many women who have followed this program have been able to lose over thirty pounds, but they were determined to change their bodies and their lives.

It is important to recognize if you are ready for this program as the success rests on you and your willingness to change. While the Venus Factor offers as much support as possible to aid you during your journey, it all comes down to your ability to follow the instructions. This comprehensive approach to weight loss for women will change your life if you are willing to let it.

The Venus Factor Review: Final Verdict

This revolutionary weight loss system for women is designed to integrate fully in to your lifestyle, adjusting as needed to match you where you are and lift you to your goal. If you are seeking a miracle pill or diet, you will not find it here, but if you are seeking the support you need to change your shape and become healthy then you are in the right place. If you are able to:

  • Exercise three times a week.
  • Follow a few nutritional guidelines.
  • Monitor your food consumption.

Then you are ready for this program. The effective workouts and support system are designed to ensure your success as long as you stick with it. You have nothing to lose but the pounds!

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